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I have had a tough time studying at home lately, mainly because of some intense XBOX action. Until Tom and Mike finish Halo 2, I am going to find other places to get stuff done. Luckily, after exploring Soda Hall for a little bit, I found this hidden room on the second floor. I call it my cave. The room is perfect: Large enough to feel comfortable, well-lit, freezing cold, and nobody knows it exists. I could probably live in there if it weren't for the janitor coming in each evening to empty the trash. When I go there it is so easy for me to study and recently my grades have reflected that... So this week, I plan on locking myself up in the cave as much as possible because I have 2 midterms, a computer-science project due and the normal homework load all in the beginning of the week after spring break. To the bat-cave!

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