Fixing symbolicatecrash…

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Because you found your way here, I am assuming you already know what symbolicatecrash is and when/why you would use it. If not, take a detour here and come back. This tool has been great but is very temperamental. It worked for a while when I first started, then it broke and stopped giving results. I applied the Alan Quatermain Fix, but things still weren't right.

Well, tonight I had a client app rejected from crash I couldn't reproduce. I only had 1 crash log from Apple, and the stupid symbolicatecrash script wasn't finding anything! I had to dig in and see what was up. After spending a little bit brushing up my Perl, I was able to fix the problem.

Basically, the Regex that the script uses was failing to match in two places: the bundle name, and the versions.

Change lines 372-377 in the symbolicatecrash script to look like this:

There are 2 changes from the pre-Alan-Quartermain-Fix:
On line 374, I changed the "(.+)" to be "([^\s]+)" just like the AQ fix.
On line 375, I changed the "\s+ .+ \(.+\) \s*" to be "\s+ \w+ \s*" because my crash reports never have versions in parenthesis.

I don't know if this will work for everybody, but it works for me and the crash reports I get back from iPods and iPhones. Good luck!

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