Happy Thanksgiving

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I waited too long to get my Thanksgiving ticket, and I didn't feel like being stuck in a 10 hour traffic jam, so I decided to spend Thanksgiving in Berkeley this year. My buddy Tom also decided to stay and we decided to do some good for the community this morning, donating our time to volunteer at the Salvation Army in Oakland. We got there at about 9:30, sat through about a 1/2 hour slideshow of previous Salvation Army events, then chaos ensued. Let me back up by saying that out of all the places I called about volunteering today (about 15 different ones around the bay area), the Salvation Army in Chinatown Oakland was the only one that was not turning volunteers down. As a result, there were about 150 volunteers there to serve/prepare food and festivities for homeless. The problem is that everyone attacked the work right away and around 10:30, Tom and I could not find any work to do. There were already enough cooks, servers, cleaners, drink people... So my day of volunteering was cut short as we felt that we were just getting in the way. I guess its a good thing that so many people show up to help, but I can't help but feel cheated out of my self-fulfillment that I would have gotten from a full day of volunteering. I guess I could always go back another day...
The rest of today will be spent cleaning my house, watching football and being lazy, capped off by a co-op dinner with all the foreign kids who didn't go home, and Tom. I miss my family but I will see them all in about a month for my Zaide's party in San Diego so it's not too bad. Now I gotta get back to the football game... my couch is calling me.

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