Losing Weekend

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I am begining to think I have bad luck... Every sports team I root for loses. Cal lost again this weekend. It was such a promising season 3 weeks ago, then somebody opened the floodgates and poured s*** down on the Cal Bears. Boo.
I went to the 49ers game with Tom, his brother Eric, and friend Mike. It was pretty cool to go to an NFL game in person, but the 49ers hadn't scored a touchdown by the end of the third quarter, and were trailing by 30 points. We took off early. I have decided to root for the other team until my luck turns around so don't be surprised when you hear me chant "GO WASHINGTON STATE" next game. After the game, we went to Treasure Island and caught a good view of the city from on top of the tunnel that lets the bridge pass through the island. Good pics...
I guess my luck can't be that bad as I won big in poker on Friday night... $25. If you consider I bought in for 5, that is a great win. Saturday night, Jen, Di and I went out to see Rendition. It was a pretty good movie that documents a wrongful act of rendition by the US Gov. I would recommend it to anyone as one of this year's best flicks.
Oh ya... in another glorious Apple moment, my friend Mike and I went to the release party of Leopard in the Downtown SF Apple Store. We both got free drinks and Apple shirts, and he picked up a copy of the new OS. It is starting... Apple is taking over the world... I would recommend that everybody get a Apple for many reasons, but most importantly, Mac's run an operating system that just works. I poop on Vista.

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