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It was Ambuir's birthday on Monday and Aurelie and I decided to make a cake for her (by saying that we decided to make the cake, I really mean that I bought the ingredients and she did the cooking). Unfortunately, We don't really know that much about cooking and we failed to let the cake cool down enough before turning the pan upside down to get the cake out. The pieces fit back in like a puzzle though... and Ambuir never knew... Muah hahahah. I have grown a moustache and will now refer to myself in the third person as "Moustachio" for the duration of this post.

Moustachio is really excited about the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco this January! He was able to score a free exhibition ticket through his work, but is still trying to get a Keynote Pass. If you want to go for free, just contact Moustachio and he can give you the code. Still trying to find a way into Keynote though...

On Wednesday, Di and Moustachio went to the city to see "Chicago" at the Orpheum with a bunch of other people. Moustachio hasn't seen the production or the movie so it was pretty entertaining. Billy Flynn was played by Huey Lewis (former Rock Star; Noteable hit: "Power of Love" from the "Back to the Future" soundtrack) but unfortunately, he wasn't that good of a singer. Moustachio caught Huey with a few bad notes and terrible range.

Moustachio is in the eye of the storm, only about 1 week left of an easy(ier) workload in school. He has no midterms for 2 weeks, and no projects due right now... only hw. This is great because he gets to catch up on other tasks, like playing his recently acquired "Old School Nintendo". Moustachio saw a video of a guy clearing mario in a few minutes, and has been practicing his speed mario runs. He has have yet to finish the game w/o dying.

Moustachio's scooter is a 2006 P.O.S. What's P.O.S. stand for? Piece Of _____ (you fill in the blank). He just got it fixed and with the new factory brake pads installed, they still squeal when stopping. The exhaust pipe was welded back on but the metal they use is so thin that the weld burned holes in the metal. It was so weak that it busted within a day of driving around. Even the headlight is poor quality and keeps going out. Moustachio took the scooter back to my mechanic yesterday and the mechanic will fix the stuff for free, but only to the best of his ability. Oh well, it will get Moustachio around for at least the duration of his college life.

On the way back walking from the mechanics shop, Moustachio decided to go Grocery Shopping (something Moustachio hasn't had time to do in a while) so he stopped at Berkeley Bowl. He spent an hour picking out some great produce, veggies, fish and other stuff. When he went to pay, Moustachio checked his back pocket and only felt butt. Moustachio forgot his wallet at home... Doh! Waste of an hour.

Moustachio spends some time each workshift playing sudoku and has become quite good. See if you can beat his record time of 2:42 at

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