My Christmas Break as of Christmas

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Redo: [download]

I have had a pretty easy week so far... I have had nothing to do but cross stuff off of my todo list. Being a Jew around Christmas is great because it is a day off where you don't have to do anything... no family obligations, nothing. So far I:

  • Cleaned Detailed my entire apartment
  • Figured out my firewire recorder and recorded a new song
  • Started Learning Cocoa (Awesome programming language for Macs)
  • Got my scooter back
  • Hung out with Mike a bunch.
Last night (Christmas Eve) Mike and I went to see "Eragon". It was pretty good but after the Lord of the Rings trilogy set the bar so high for fantasy movies, nothing seems to be able to match up. I give it a B rating. I spent most of the day today recording "Redo" (named because when I was almost done I accidentally erased everything). It turned out ok, but I am still trying to figure out the tricks of recording. Play the song above or listen to all my songs here. Every night before bed I work through a chapter in my Cocoa Book and will know some good GUI stuff before the break is done.

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