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After 1 year of non-updates, I am moving my (broken) code blog onto Posterous. Why, you ask? Well, like every Ruby on Rails fanboy, I created my own blogging engine as soon as I knew how. I added custom flickr integration and custom integration. I added custom Amazon integration, all of which are broken now. Maybe its an easy fix, maybe not. I just don't have time to dig into it.

Posterous allows me to just email in updates with no setup and no time spent digging into ancient Rails code. Awesome.

UPDATE: 8/27/09 After importing my old blog, it seems that most of the old pics dont work. They were all pointing to a custom image caching scheme I had setup and they are all flickr images. I was a doofus and did not include the flickr id in the post anywhere so I am not about to go digging through flickr to fix the links. People will have to deal with broken images for all my old posts.