Nice, France

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Nice and the French Riviera were so beautiful. The ship was too big to dock so we parked in the middle of the Villefranche Bay and took small boats to the shore. 8 of us (Zaide, Mary, Tracy, Kipp, Terah, Arianna, Louise and I) took a private tour of many surrounding cities and crammed as much as we could during the time ashore. We explored around Villefranche first, then Nice, went to Cannes, walked around some huge yachts (we're talking helicopters on these boats!), Saint-Paul Village on top of the hill, Eze also on top of the hill, a nice beach... topless of course ;) , and finally shopped around Villefranche again. Our driver was young, fluent in 5 languages, and an excellent guide, telling us stories of his youth growing up in Nice and talking about politics and culture in Southern France and Italy.
We finally got back on the ship in time for dinner and my Aunt Tracy's birthday celebration. We had a cake and celebrated in Zaide's suite... just in time for sail-off to Italy! After that we played the obligatory bingo game, then headed out to the shopping event they had on board, then to the evening's show, Domenick Allen from Foreigner. I spent the late night organizing and downloading the families 1500 photos from the past 2 days and trying to keep myself from pulling my hair out (what's left of it) due to the extremely slow internet. Up Tomorrow: Florence and Pisa, Italy!

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