Winter Break

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I just wrapped up my Sun Internship and it really blew by pretty fast! Above are some pics of the people that were in the SF office on my last day. Sameer was my "mentor" or sorts... and Josh was my boss. They are all good people, very smart, and have taught me much about the software industry. I feel very prepared for the "real world" now and since I only have 1 more semester at Cal, I will be entering it very soon.
Over Christmas break, Di and I went to San Diego for a family event. It was a marriage celebration for my Zaide and Mary who had married in October. It was a good getaway, a good chance for Di to meet the family without having all the focus on her, and a chance to meet the new side of the family. We had a small family dinner, a big family dinner, and a few daytime events. See more pics here, here, here, here and here.
This past weekend, Tom and I took a long road-trip to SoCal to visit Mike and to go to Magic Mountain. We had a blast hanging out in Riverside, playing pool, going to a few bars, smashing tv's, going to the casino, and driving 7 hours each way. I was able to see Josh, another good buddy of mine, from Palm Springs too. I heart Road Trips.
Macworld Expo is this week and I can't wait to go check out all the new stuff. Then my final Berkeley semester commences next Tuesday, 1 week from today. Kinda Scary.

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