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What Is Wrong With People?

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Am I crazy, or is it impossible to do something nice for somebody without them thinking you want something? I sent flowers anonymously to this girl I know (not roses or anything, just plain purple flowers) to make her feel special and also sent her a little email-hint that it was me the next day. She replies without saying thank you, and accusing me of thinking that we are “together”. Get over yourself.


My name is Matt Coneybeare, I design and develop for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), Mac OS X and the Web out of New York. In 2008 I started a software company called Urban Apps that has made some pretty popular apps such as Ambiance and Hourly News. My current Stack Overflow reputation is about 27k.

I was a Rockstar a decade ago, but then went back to school and collected a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley. Now I am settled down with my beautiful wife Di and our two doggies Hamachi and Foxy. While coding, I walk several miles/day on my Treadmill Desk. When not at my desk, I love exploring New York City as a Yelp Elite, or training for marathons.

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