4 Days and…

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When I was 16, I was caught smoking cigarettes by my family. As an incentive to quit for good, my Grandparents gave me $400 with only one condition: If I ever started smoking again, I had to give it back. I took the money and quit then and there...

As the years went by, I had a few cigs everynow and then, mostly to compliment my booze, but never considered myself a smoker. Only this last semester, during the stress of finals, I started smoking more heavily. Between finals and going to Europe, I came back smoking a pack-a-day! Anyway, when I was in Europe with my Grandpa, I told him I had started smoking again and that I would have to give back the $400. He was dissapointed but extended his hand again. If I am not smoking by August 1st, I won't have to give back the money.

I quit cold-turkey Monday morning and have been going nuts the past 4 days! I've gone through a few packs of gum and a few bags of sunflower seeds... not to mention my fidgeting and straw-chewing. The good news is that I am over the toughest part and can operate relatively normal again. Its a good thing too, because school is right around the corner. Oh yeah... Tomorrow is RADIOHEAD!

Here is a video of Kid Beyond, layering all his stuff one by one, live opening up for Keane the other night...

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