Berkeley, World Cup, Keane

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So I've been back in Berkeley about a week and I am both excited and depressed to be back. I am depressed for obvious reasons... it's not Europe here. It is nice to have my own bed and shower, as well as having a full week left with nothing much to do other than watch the World Cup (GO ENGLAND!) and sleep in. School doesn't start until next Monday so I am mentally preparing for school for the next 11 months! There will be a transition period however, as summer is the concert season and I have a few show I am going to. Last night was the first one.

I owed my friend Linsey (who was also my lab-partner for CS61A) a big favor for doing almost an entire project (which we got an A on) by herself while I was home for Coachella. I thought a concert would be a good way to pay her back so I bought us some tickets to see Keane, a brit-pop band in the likes of Coldplay. It was a great show because the venue was very small and the sound was great. Keane played all of the best songs off of the first album, and most of the good songs off of the new album. I took several photos and a few videos of the show. This is the full song of "Everybody's Changing":


The opening band (ok... opening guy) was this beatboxer named Kid Beyond and he was amazing! First he came out and mimicked some drum sets to catch our attention. Then Kid B busted out this looping device that he used to create layers of sound (still only from his voice) that made full songs. He emulated bass, guitar, drums, keys, different vocals perfectly and layered them to make full songs that sounded like he was using a full band. If you have a minute, check out his site and listen to a sample.

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