5:30 AM!

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I was awoken by a really loud alarm this morning and a loud knock on the door. I was going to stay in bed and shrug it off, but I remembered the fire-alarm test already happened this semester so I opened the door to see what was going on. Somebody told me that there actually was a fire so after throwing on pants and debating whether taking my laptop and Tool tickets was necessary, I reluctantly went out into the morning air. It turns out the building connected to ours had an extension cord wrapped around a couch leg that cought on fire. Three fire-trucks showed up (despite the fact that only one fire extinguisher was used) and we had to wait 1/2 hour before going back. I happened to have my camera in my pants from the night before so I snapped some shots. It wasn't too bad, but it messed up my sleep schedule and I was forced to miss my first two classes. Its ok though, with classes ending on Tuesday, there is not much material left to learn. After the Tool concert, I am going into super-study-mode until my last final on the 17th.

Oh yeah... Tom and I found out that my goldfish (Crack, Snapple and Pot) cannot sense when a laser is being pointed at them so it is pretty entertaining to shine it on them and watch them glow like christmas lights.