Telegraph and Sushi

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This was a good weekend for me. I studied all day yesterday and today, catching up on my math and reviewing for my final. I am excited yet sad as there are only 2 days of classes left and although I look forward to taking a break from school, the year went by so fast. I won't have much time to be sad though because I think it will be impossible to mope while touring around Europe!

Yesterday, Virgilio, Tom, Di, Kim and I walked down Telegraph to Alasaka, a great Japanese restaurant and had some excellent sushi. I forgot how much I loved sushi so it was like a party for my taste buds as I ate my hamachi with ponzu.

I took a break from studying today and watched a few episodes of my new series, the Sopranos (ok, new to me). Tom, Di and I started watching Sopranos a few weeks back, from the first episode. We are now hooked and are in the middle of season 2. So until "Curb Your Enthusiasm" comes back on the air, I have a new show.

Really good street musician on Telegraph - [download]

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