Alice in Chains

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Of the many bands I listen to, I have been able to see most of the Live. When I started listening to Alice in Chains I was about 14 and by that time the band had stopped touring due to Layne Staley's strong heroin addiction. A few years ago, Layne passed away and I figured I would never get a chance to see one of my favorite bands perform live... until I saw this show listed! AIC have picked up a singer to do live shows and although not recording any new material with the singer, he is perfectly able to sound like Layne and play all thier hits. Immediatley I got Mike, Shoghi,Di and myself tickets and off we went. Aurelie and Wendy (lucky #%@^) had floor tickets while I had balcony tickets. It was still pretty close though... I could see everything pretty clear. The concert was amazing! It was an AIC Greatest Hits show AND they played a full acoustic set in the middle. Although the picture is kinda fuzzy, the farthert right pic above is a pic of James Hetfield (Metallica) singing a song with AIC - what a surprise! I can check one more unseen band off my list... (more pics)

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