Thanksgiving in Fort Collins

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I had a pretty good time over Thanksgiving break with the fam in Colorado. I got in Denver on Wed night and into Fort Collins about 1 AM. Had a few nights of amazing sleep on an air matress believe-it-or-not. T-Day comes around, spent time with Zaide, the Lyons and the Brewers (pics) . Aunt tracy made a huge meal with all of the good stuff (including my fav... stuffing). The Turkey was huge, the sweet potatoes were perfect, the stuffing as well... and to top it all off, we had a nice cheesecake too.

The rest of the weekend was really a movie/shopping/beer fest. Over the 3 nights we watched one movie that I can't remember the title, Cars, Monster Inc, and the Da Vinci Code. We visited 2 Malls and one small shopping center. We also visited the New Belgium (Fat Tire) Brewery (pics) and the Budweiser Brewery (pics). I was excited about Fat Tire because it it one of my fav's and I was excited about Bud because it was a huge plant. Tasting fresh Budweiser is a whole different experience than what you get out of the bottle... it is actually good! After all the Lyons went to bed (usually before Midnight!) I spent 3-4 hours each night working on my project that was due Mon, this cool AI project about moving battleships and probability. Sunday night, when I got back to SF, I went to an Alice in Chains concert, but I will review that later.

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