Stupid USC, KGD Banquet, iRoam

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Last week was a horrible week for Cal as our beloved football team lost to USC (again)! This ruined our chances of a Rose Bowl appearance and destroyed my weekend. Luckily, the night before the game was the night of Di's KDG banquet. It was pretty fun... I got drunk for the first time this semster and it was a pleasant break from school. We had a great dinner, danced and I got to cap off the evening by carrying a drunk and passed out friend of hers up 4 flights of stairs. Other than the weekend, it was a pretty normal week... studying all the time, random dinners and lunches with Di, work etc... nothing worth noting. Oh yeah, I am in the process of building my vintage video game collection (NES Vintage) and now have Contra and Mike Tyson's Punch Out. I can't get past Soda Popinsky! It has been raining off and on and I have taken a few good shots, including the one above of a water filled spider web.

I have finished writing iRoam for my work. Writing programs for my personal benefit and outside of school, I can officially say I am a Computer Programmer now. More info here.

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