Palm Springs, Strippers, and All-You-Can-Eat Sushi

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It's been about a week since the last update so I have much to tell... I started school 2 weeks ago and really like my course. I am taking a computer science: CS61B - Data Structures (I'm not so sure what that means exactly but will learn soon) and am learning Java as a bonus in the course. I am excited because with Java, I will be able to write programs that I can actually use myself or even sell. It is much more powerfull language than the one I know already. I have a midterm on Tuesday already but it should be okay. The homework in this class is once a week, which in summer school is equivalent to 2 weeks of regular school, therefore it takes twice as long to finish.

It kinda makes me glad I ran into trouble at the airport last Saturday. I had a 3pm flight to Palm Springs for my Grandma's Unveiling (showing of the tombstone) and I missed it by about 2 minutes... Damn public trans! The only option for me was to stick around and take the 8:30pm flight - 5 hrs! Then that flight was delayed half-an-hour. I was bummed but got a good chunk of my hw done, and from the plane, was able to see the sunset over the clouds.

When in Palm Springs, I met up with my friends Levi, Josh, Mike(from Berkeley... down for the weekend as well) and Mimi and we hung out all night in the pool drinking beers. I never got used to the heat down there... the nightime lows were in the 90's so the pool sounded great to me. We got pretty trashed and then one of my other friends showed up around 3 in the morning. He decided to call a stripper (I wasn't complaining) so he busted out his credit card and called an agency from the phone book. It ended up costing him $175, something he would never spend unless really drunk. So I'm about passed out drunk and then the stripper arrives. When she comes inside, almost immediately she asks how much cash we have... uh oh. We didn't know the stripper was going to be called and had about 10 dollars between us. She explained that all the money my friend put on his card goes to the agency and she works only for tips. At this point we try to bargain, but it is no use. She literally drops her top for a few seconds, does a quick dance, and bolts out the door. So my buddy spend 175 for something he could have saw on tv. Moral of the story: "Friends don't let friends get drunk and call strippers when they have no cash on them at 4 in the morning and no ATM is near".

I finally got to bed around 5 and had to get up at 7:30 to get ready for the Unveiling. It was a pretty quick ceremony, only about 10 minutes (not including the 1/2 hour that the Rabbi was late) and I was glad because even at 9am, it was over 100 degrees. After that, Family and Friends went back to my Grandpa's house for a little reception thingy and it was pretty nice seeing all my family and family friends. My plane back to SF left about 5, making my trip in PS 19hrs... about the max I am willing to spend on one visit back in the Desert.

School this week has been good, I've been going the gym often, hanging out with Di, Anne, Kim, and Lizzie often, and getting my hw done early because my friend Jordana from PS is coming up this weekend. Last night we went to see The Pirates of the Carribbean... not as good as the first. Right now I am mentally preparing for an all-you-can-eat sushi challenge from Anne (120lb tiny girl) that is to go down at 12. I think I got it covered but she does have a bottomless pit. We have a friendly wager of a whole-apartment-painting job or similar chore. Wish me luck!

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