Too… Much… Sushi…

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A few weeks ago, after my friend Anne decided to eat all of my leftover pizza by herself, I was told she is a bottom-less pit. We somehow got into talking about how much we can eat and a challenge arose in which the two of us would have an all-you-can-eat sushi eating contest. Overly confident, Anne suggested we place a wager on the contest. Since thier new apartment is in dire need of painting, she said if I lost, I would have to paint it (maybe with slight assistance). Also overly confident, I accepted the wager and told her she would have to do the same thing or similar chore in case my new apartment doesn't need painting. We shook and it was final.

We decided to go settle it today at Edoko sushi on University, a place that has an all-you-can-eat buffet with sushi and hot Japanese food. We went piece-for-piece... even tabulated the ounces of water, soup and tea we had. We went through 2 completely full plates of food each, and 3 more smaller plates. In total, Anne's 5 plates, soup and liquids totaled 49 different items... Mine totaled 50! I noticed Anne was having trouble with even the fruit on the 5th plate so I went for the kill. Anybody who is having a hard time getting down a small peach wedge would cringe at the idea of a big piece of a California Roll. She gracefully shook hands and conceded defeat. Immediately after I loosened my belt while she ran to the bathroom to "alleviate" some pressure. So what did I gain: 1) Eternal bragging rights, 2) All my food for the day for $13, and 3) a paintjob or similar task to be done by anne in/on my new apartment when I get it. I am happy.

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