The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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This last week was pretty rough for me... Monday, my bicycle handlebars decided they did not like to be perpendicular to my wheel anymore. As a result, my face had an intimate encounter with a shrub outside the library. I got my scooter back, only to find out that the repair shop butchered the electrical system. It has been 2 days and they haven't returned my call... One of my external hard drives crashed, now leaving me with a movie collection that only extends to "M". University of Arizona did the unthinkable, ruining CAL's chance at a National Title by barely scraping together enough to etch a notch in CAL's losing column. I can't talk about it any further...

On the good side... I had a Midterm on Thursday which I was freaking out about, but I ended up doing pretty well (I think). I spend much time with Di this weekednd, went out to the city on Friday and had a good time with her. We went shopping in Mission, Clam Chowder in Fisherman's Wharf, and played around in this really cool antique game museum. It had tons of the old coin operated mechanical games like baseball and soccer from before the computer era. We went and saw "Stranger than Fiction" which is pretty funny and has a refreshingly unique plot. I found an online deal for a Refurbished 700Mhz Celeron Dell with 128mb RAM for only 48 dollars. I picked one up to mess around with and it arrived this weekend. My mom found my naturalization papers (which I had thought I had lost) so I get to save 220 dollars by not having to get a copy! I am starting to feel like a real programmer, working on projects outside of school work. I have started on a project for my work, experimenting with java applets and flash actionscript... I'll show it off when I am finished.

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