Halloween @ Castro, No-Mo-Veggie

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They say you have to go to Castro on Halloween once and I finally got around to it. Di, Irene, Sean and I went out to the freakfest not really knowing what to expect. People had told us about tons of gay guys running around pinching butts, about super revealing costumes, about lewd behavior... We saw none of that. Halloween in Castro is just huge cowherd. People get dressed up and just walk around... there is nothing to do there AT ALL. So at first it is great, walking around seeing people's costumes, taking some photos, but after about 1/2 an hour, it is just more of the same... I probably won't go back. I did have fun though and I dressed up as... you tell me?

I've been vegetarian for a while now but not because I care about the animals. I could care less. I tried it because I thought I would eat healthier and drop my freshman 15 (ok, junior 15). I just ended up eating more buttery and oily foods, as well as more carbs from breads and sugary foods. So I gave up my In-n-Out for nothing. I decided to eat meat again but cut out soda and desserts. The burger that broke my vegg was really good, but I haven't eaten anything that heavy in a while so it made me feel kinda sick. I know this meat is bad, but I needed something extravagant to start. Now I will have healthier portions of meat. Maybe I should also dust off my running shoes...

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