Ambiance and Ambiance Lite 2.2 Just Released…

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Ambiance and Ambiance Lite 2.2 have just been accepted by Apple. The 2.2 update is a pretty big update to Ambiance with some new and highly-requested features being added. Here is whats in the release:


- Send and Receive Sounds, Mixes and Playlists between 2 devices running Ambiance or Ambiance Lite!

- Facebook Status Updates
- Twitter Status Updates

- Backup your sounds and settings — Restore them if something goes wrong

- New Playlist Support! Sounds can be in multiple playlists

- Can now turn off iPod playlist when timer exits

- Push Notifications now will hold settings if you choose not to get them.
- Alarm now works again when the phone is unplugged overnight.
- Fixed a rare quickstart bug that would crash the app
- Easier editing of mixes and playlists (on the mix/playlist details screen)
- Various smaller bug fixes
- Memory enhancements

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