Ambiance 3.1 Brings Full iPad Support, Airplay, Available Now

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Available Now

Urban Apps is pleased to announce that Ambiance version 3.1 has been approved by Apple and is available now in the iTunes App Store.


What's New in Version 3.1

This update finally brings full iPad support for iPad OS 3.2 and 4.2 as a Universal app. If you have already bought Ambiance for your iPhone, now you can get it on your iPad at no additional cost!

★ Added full native iPad Support (3.2 and 4.2)
★ Added AirPlay for full audio streaming to your AppleTV, Airport Express or other AirPlay device.

★ Fixed "Loading…" forever bug
★ Fixed intermittent crash on load
★ Fixed cache bugs where older, invalid pages would incorrectly be loaded
★ Fixed Push Notification bug where disabling notifications sometimes did not properly disable them
★ Fixed Alarm Theme editing to properly update and save titles
★ Fixed thumbnails not showing in sound detail page header up after downloading
★ Fixed pausing downloading sounds.
★ Fixed crash when entering downloads after deleting a recently downloaded sound
★ Fixed crash on load if last open page was a Web View.

★ Added Free Memory (RAM) stats to contact emails to assist in memory related issues.
★ Minor Interface tweaks (shadows, alignements, etc…)
★ Located and removed some minor memory leaks
★ Memory enhancements to reduce the app's memory footprint.

If you experience any issues upgrading Ambiance to the most recent version, please contact and we will work with you to get it fixed.


We had to remove the app from the store temporarily but it should be back soon

UPDATE: Nov 12th, 8:17 PM

The app is now back live in the store as version 3.1.1

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