Ambiance hits 5,000,000 Sound Downloads โ€” Free for today only!

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Today marked a very important milestone for us at Urban Apps. Ambiance had itโ€™s 5,000,000th sound download! You read that right โ€” that is indeed Five Million Downloads!

We are very fortunate that our customers have chosen us as the favorite in the Ambient sound category of apps, and are very grateful to them for enabling us to provide improvements and continued development in Ambiance. As a celebration and as a symbol of our eternal gratitude to our customers, and to all App buyers in general, we are making Ambiance FREE for the next 24 hrs (Eastern Time).
Regular Price: $2.99
Sept 5th: $0.00
The app will be free today only in the iTunes App Store, BlackBerry App World, and Android Marketplace.

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