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So I am back in school for my last semester at UC Berkeley. I have only 4 months left of my 16+ year education. It used to seem much scarier to me... not knowing what to do after school, but since my Sun internship, I no longer have fear. I do fear the next 4 months though: 18 units, all upper division and work. I am taking four computer science courses and one music course plus working for the computer labs on campus. Luckily, the classes are all "project" classes, meaning I will rarely have weekly homework and only have larger projects that must be completed by the end of the term. Here is a bit about my classes:
  • CS161 - Computer Security: This course deals with one of the most important, and overlooked, areas of Computer Science. We will learn how to adequately secure programs and sites, and even attempt to crack established (and somewhat obsolete) security designs.
  • CS162 - Operating Systems: This is a core class of any CS major's curriculum. The operating system is the most important piece of software running on a computer and when understood, makes fine-tuning the performance of other software much easier.
  • CS169 - Software Engineering: This class has one assignment... create a substantial piece software in a group. It is supposed to give students real-world group development experience, with deadlines and customer sponsors to guide feature design and style.
  • CS198 - Apple Developers DeCal: A DeCal is a class ran by student but sponsored by faculty. This class will teach me more about developing in Cocoa, the choice language for Apple software. I will develop my own small piece of software in this class.
  • Music 135A - Caribbean Music: As a break from computers, this class offers a study into all Caribbean music. We listen, watch, study and perform the many different Island styles. Good fun.
I am excited about the courses I am taking and hope I have enough time to do everything! If not, I will have to wait until December to graduate :(

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