Kitchen Sink

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Wow... it's been a crazy month! I just finished my midterm season and now have some time to catch up on things. Where should I start...
I have been in my final semester for about a month now and have settled into my classes. My operating systems class (CS162) is by far the hardest and I have worked hard to get my A- grade I have so far. My security class (CS161) turned out to be mostly an advanced mathematics class and I am struggling, maintaining a B-. This is, however, before the curve is applied. The last class I took like this, I had a C- the whole semester and ended up with a B in the class at the end. My Software Engineering class is very exciting. Everyone had to propose a large project and mine was chosen as one of the 8 the class is doing. I will talk more about this on my code blog for anyone interested. Although interesting, it is demanding as I am the leader of the group and have many responsibilities. My Mac Programming Class is going very well... I am mostly self-taught. I have already developed my small beginners application and it is almost ready for release. I see the potential for some income off this app and will continue to advance my Mac development skills. Finally, My Caribbean Music class is like a vacation. In lecture we listen and analyze many pieces and in discussion we sit and play drums. The TA for the class is a Trinidadian Native, a drum-master!
To generate some extra income, I have been working a lot, but also doing weird research stuff like this.
Since I took care of Valentines Day last year, Di made all the arrangements this year. We went to a fancy restaurant in San Francisco, saw a live comedy show (Arj Barker), and spent the evening in a fancy hotel. It was an amazing time and we had a very nice evening together.
Di, Vince, Anne and I went to see Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking, a fantastic telling of the crazy life of Carrie Fisher, by Carrie Fisher. We went with this special "Under-30" theater group and got free drinks throughout the evening in addition to 50% off the ticket price. Good Times
Tom, Kate, Adrianna and I took a road trip down to LA to celebrate Kate's Birthday/Graduation at her home. It was a very, very busy weekend for me school-wise so I spent the days working and the nights hanging out. It was a good change of atmosphere.
It is getting close to the end for me and I have been searching for jobs that I really want. Ideally I would like to be employed within a month after graduation, but I am not going to rush into anything. Apple tops my list, then there are several Ruby on Rails startups I am looking at, plus the opportunity to get additional income from side-work is always available.
Di and I have decided to move in together and her lease is up on June 1st. This means that I need to have my plan worked out by then so that we can get an apartment in an appropriate location for both her job (she is taking a year off) and my job.
Last but not least... I have switched my support from Clinton to Obama following the airing of this ad. We do not need another President who plays on America's fears for personal or political gain.
That's is in a nutshell... see you next time!

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