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I have been busy with a number of projects lately, one of them being a Last.FM client for Leopard called "SimpleScrobbler". It is written in Objective-C 2.0 and uses Cocoa and all the goodies that come with Xcode/Interface Builder.
The app was designed to be "Simple", no bells, no whistles. There is only one time you should ever have to do anything... right when the app starts for the first time, you will have to enter your Last.FM membership name and password and you are good. It is a status bar app (the bar up by the clock on OS X) and everything you might need is in there. SimpleScrobbler gets rid of the "Love" and "Ban" features of other Last.FM clients, as well as ditching Last.FM radio to maintain a "Simple" functionality -- send your iTunes tracks to Last.FM.
SimpleScrobbler is event driven, listening to system notifications from iTunes to avoid spin-waiting and memory consumption.
If you want to try out SimpleScrobbler, get a free Last.FM account, download and install SimpleScrobbler, and start keeping stats on your Music!

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