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We had one last sea-day on the cruise… good for relaxing, packing, and worrying about everything you forgot about while on vacation. I found out that my apartment will not be ready for at least a week, meaning I will remain homeless until it is done. I am very lucky I have a girlfriend with a big bed haha. I have to worry about starting work on Monday, and also getting all my stuff dropped off out of storage whenever my apartment is ready. I have been worrying about all of this for the last few days so I hope everything works out.
We disembarked the next day in Barcelona again and we went out to explore what we had missed on the pre-cruise visit there. We all walked down to the famous Picasso Museum, featuring many of his early works and almost the entire (almost 40) “Las Meninas” series which were several in-depth alterations and appreciations for Velasquez’s famous painting (which I was able to see in the Prado). In the afternoon Kipp, Terah and I went up to Gaudi’s famous residence and planned sub-division, Park Guell. It really was like walking into another dimension going into this park of twisted stone, concrete, mosaics and fountains, built upon a steep hill. It was originally going to have other homes in it, but it never took off so Gaudi had the only house there. We spend a few hours there and met up with my Mom, Arianna and Tracy to get some dinner. It was the first dinner outside of the cruise and because we had eaten so much every meal on the cruise, all of us felt hungry even after bread and an entrĂ©e each! Hopefully my stomach will shrink soon…
The travel day went pretty well, I was up for 27 hours, then crashed in LA for a good 4 hours sleep because my internal clock is all messed up… Last night was better though, I got a full 9 hours and feel like a new man this morning. Next post will have all my pics from the trip!


My name is Matt Coneybeare, I design and develop for the web, iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), and MacOS out of New York City. In 2008 I started a software company called Urban Apps that has made some pretty popular apps such as Ambiance and Hourly News. In 2019, I joined the team at Ticket Evolution as a Senior Software Engineer. My current Stack Overflow reputation is about 27k.

I was a Rockstar a decade ago, but then went back to school and collected a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley and a MBA from Quantic. Now I am settled down with my beautiful wife Di and our dog Hamachi. When not at my desk, I love exploring New York City as a Yelp Elite, or training for marathons.

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