Corfu, Greece

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I spent the day in Corfu with the Lyons' and we had a great time. I didn't know much about Greece or Corfu, but I had one thing in mind that I knew I wanted to do while here... eat an authentic Greek gyros! We spent the morning in Old Town Corfu, walking around, shopping and snapping photos of the beautiful town, then hit up a restaurant and I was able to get a few gyros. They were everything I had imagined! In the afternoon, we took an organized tour to Paleokastristas, on the west side of Corfu Island, a whole 15 minute drive from the east coast. Once there we pulled into the beautiful bay and went into the Sea for a bit, walked along the beach and enjoyed the scenery. Next we took the drive up to Lakones, on top of the mountain, and went to a great viewpoint where we could literally see the entire island of Corfu! The landscape was so beautiful I could really see why the Ancient Greeks settled here. After that we went to a small town and tried some Oyzu, a local black-licorice liquor that the island is known for. It was very nice and I would really, really like to come back to Greece another time to explore any one of the hundreds of islands. Next Up: Rome!

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