Dubrovnik, Croatia

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My Uncle Dan and I decided that we would venture Dubrovnik on our own and left early morning on a shuttle from the port to Old Town. Old Town Dubrovnik is surrounded by massive walls, dating back to the 11th century. This is by far the coolest part of the city. The walls surround the entire inner city and walking along the top is probably about 1.5 or 2 miles long. From on top of the walls you can always see the entire inner city, but also get an excellent view of the perfectly green-blue Adriatic sea, one of the many uninhabited surrounding islands, or the picturesque mountainside Dubrovnik sits on. The wall seems to have no rhyme-or-reason... there are random staircases and towers, along with varying heights and widths. Usually I like things symmetrical and balanced and overall, the walls formed a large square, but the supposed randomness of the walls was quite interesting to look at.
On the inside, Dan and I walked into a few older palaces and churches, as well as many of the residential side-streets. We ended up finding a nice place to eat and both had excellent seafood for which Dubrovnik is famous for, and a few local brews. Later in the day, I found a nice cove outside of the walls and sat with my feet in the sea for a bit, taking everything in. I wouldn't mind coming back one day and exploring outside the walls a bit more into the modern city and the countryside of Croatia. Up Next: Corfu, Greece

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