Fish, Spiders, Borat

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I have rediscovered the macro setting on my camera and have taken some pretty interesting shots lately. I started with my fish, now am expanding into nature (spider) and who knows? I got the one of the algea eater while trying to capture my Goldfish, "Fluffy", in the act of eating my recently deceased monster snail, "Bernard". The snail had been acting funny the past few days and when I came home the other day, "Fluffy" was pulling it out of its shell and eating it. I thought it was too graphic to put on the site...

I saw something funny today... A license plate that read PH4LLUS (for those of you that don't know, I used to be in a band called "Phallus")! No wonder I could never get a custom plate! Since I put my plugs in, a new "party-trick" of mine is to put various things through the plug. It has since gotten old, but the scars remain... My black plugs were really scratched up from trying to fit in pens, hooks etc... that were too big. I replaced the black ones with new shiny silver ones.

I went to a special screening of the new Borat movie this evening. I have not laughed that hard in a long time! I know Borat's humor is not appreciated by everybody, but this movie is FUNNY. Bringing up a side note: I feel that racist humor or religious humor is perfectly OK. It is easy to be offended if your "group" is on the butt end of the joke, but every group is made fun of somewhere in someway or another. Stereotypes do not just go away. Even if every comedian stayed away from racist humor, people would still have predjudices. If you are tolerant to all "groups", humor that targets a stereotype should not affect your tolerance. It simply raises awareness that there are people out there stupid enough to be intolerant to certain "groups". In a way, the funny aspect is not the joke itself, but the realization that there are idiots who think that way. That being said, go see the Borat movie if you want to laugh.

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