Assassins, TI89, Tool Army, CS188

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Today has sucked/rocked (take your pick as long as its not the latter). First I had my midterm this morning in CS188 (the pacman AI class). I thought I was doing pretty well until there were only 5 minutes left and I still had a full question unanswered. Its ok though, NOBODY finished early so I think that I will be alright but you never know. On the way to my next class after the midterm, I was on the phone and heard my name from behind. I thought "an assassin is going to kill me" and as I turned around I ducked out of the way the best I could, but Kevin Lin's long arms caught me across the face with a handfull of conditioner... poisoned. Oh well, I took down 3 before I went out. After joining the Tool Fan club about a year ago, I finally received my gift package today... a sticker, keychain and membership card. Ya Hoo (sarcastic). Paying the 30 dollars for the membership promised early ticket purchasing opportunities (not seen yet) and a gift bundle. I basically spent 30 dollars for a key chain and sticker and the password to enter the fan site (basically a bunch of crap). Thanks a lot Tool. On a higher note, I found my recently lost TI89 calculator stuffed deep in my messenger bag (maybe this is a sign that my bag is too big...). Of course, I already bought the replacement on eBay, now I have to go about selling it and lose money on shipping. Woo hoo. Can the day get any worse? Wait its only 1:40 in the afternoon, I'm sure it will.

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