Rain, Borat, Scooter Problems, Football, Assassins

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So much has happened in the past week. I am sooooo busy so here is just a brief overview:

  • I aced my EE100 Midterm on Tuesday
  • The Berkeley rain started... No sunshine till April
  • Di and I went and played miniature golf in Livermore
  • My Scooter died on the way home (Exhaust Leak, it had to go to the scooter hospital)
  • I received two separate parking tickets
  • Di and I were able to get 2 free passes to see the borat screener this week
  • I went to the Cal game and watched us destroy #11 Oregon
  • I killed 2 people in my works game of assassins
I have no time to elaborate now... have a CS188 Midterm tomorrow and a CS61C proj due on Friday....

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