Cal Football, CS61C, Car Accident (not mine)

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I worked all last week on a CS61C project in which I wrote a simplified version of the unix terminal in C. I had to implement "cd", "create", "ls", "pwd", "rm", "rmdir", "mkdir", "append" and several helper functions. I also had to make sure not to have any memory leaks. Long story short, It was a lot of work. It took me about 30 hrs over the week to finish and I barely made the deadline. Not to complain about the GSI that wroite it, but the project was way to hard for students just learning C. They made 8 revisions to the spec over the week, and completely eliminated one aspect (aliases) from it because nobody got it. Anyway, now that I'm done, I can concentrate on my more interesting class, CS188. I have another pacman project due on Friday, this time implementing minimax, alpha-beta pruning, and expectimax to my AI.

Since I did most of the work for my proj on Friday Night (I was up until 4... WORKING not partying!), I was able to give up a few hours on Sat to go to the Cal-ASU game. Cal was ranked 22 and ASU ranked 21 before the game. I really expected ASU to be a well-matched team but we totally dominated. When I arrived, the score was 7-0 in favor of ASU. I thought it was going to be a long day, but until some time late in the second quarter, Nate Longshore completed every pass! This combined with Marshawn Lynch's "always-positive" runs, defensive interceptions and sacks, and special teams domination let to a first half score of 42-14. I left at half-time.

On my way to work one day last week, on the corner closet to my house was a car accident. I stopped to see if anybody was hurt because the accident happened seconds before I left my apartment. Everybody was ok so I didn't feel guilty taking a few shots. I guess two cars colided in the intersection, sending one through a telephone pole and crashing into another apartment. Funny thing was how the pole ended up balanced on top of the car, leaning against a bunch of wires.

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