(more) Di, (more) Piercings, Happy Happy Happy

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Di and I hung out all weekend and ate at a few cool places: Naan and Curry, an inexpensive Indian Food Restraunt on Telegraph, Penny's Caribbean Cuisine, Tobegan Food on Sacramento St... and My Apt, leftovers and scrambled eggs. She also came with me to get my ears stretched for the final time.

Despite crushing Di's hand while being pierced, the procedure hurt really bad! Guys have a lower pain tolerance than women and I always know that I am gonna hurt after going to see Kari at Zebra. It's ok, it is an addictive pain. It has been 24 hrs and I feel fine now. I stretched myt ears to a 0 gauge and put in two black single flared hollow plugs. I have been fooling around all day and putting random stuff through them. Up next: Another orbital...

I didn't mind the "Happy Happy Happy" guy (cleverly named for his repeated catch phrase) when he was bashing Bush, but now that he is bashing Israel, I have started to dislike him. So if you see this guy standing on the corner of Telegraph and Bancroft, throw water at him and pray for lightning... (j/k)

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