6 Weeks!

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Wow... It's been about 6 weeks since my last update! Sorry if anybody has been really wondering what I was doing! haha. Let's see if I can remember what has happened...
Di and I went to the Rock the Bells festival in San Francisco! It was truly amazing to see Rage Against the Machine... as most of you know I used to be in a RATM Tribute band called "Bombtrack", so I got a chance to see one of my favorite and admired bands in the flesh. Also appearing at the festival was Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill and tons of other hip-hop and rap-artists. I wasn't too into too many of those groups but it was nice to see the few I mentioned.
Di and I also bought season tickets in the student-section for the currently #6-ranked Cal Football team so we have been to both of the home games we have had so far... Tennessee and Louisiana Tech. The Tennessee game last-year was a game that gave our promising football team a stain on the season losing embarrassingly... this year was different. We stomped Tennessee, launching us higher in the rankings. Di and I enjoyed the game as we were crushed in the student section of the sell-out Memorial Stadium. The next home game was not that exciting but Cal still dominated over Louisiana Tech, propelling us into spot #6 for this next week. How cool would it be to see us #1 and USC #2?
I have still been working at Sun and feel qite at home now... I have finished several of my tasks and am always looking forward for the next challenge. It has already been 2 months! 4 more to go...
My grandmother recently passed and my Aunts all decided that I should get her vehicle. I now am driving a 2000 Honda Accord in great condition. Because of the car and also because I take Bart to work, I have neglected my scooter for the past few months. I went to check on it a couple of weeks ago and saw that somebody had taken a screwdriver to the ignition.... lucky for me, the battery was dead from no use and they could not get it started! I am getting it repaired and am debating selling it... any buyers?
Other odds and ends... I have had a few parking tickets already... only because I don't have my parking permit yet. I have been building my own server, more on that later. I have been playing a lot of racquetball, about 3 or 4 times a week. I am getting pretty good and working out a bunch so I should get back in top shape quickly. I even joined the Berkeley Racquetball Club
I have been feeling pretty down lately and haven't been able to really figure out why until recently. Di and I were talking and I realized that I am a little socially conflicted. I am 26 and feel like I am past the whole college partying thing. Don't get me wrong, I still like to go out and get a drink, but I like to go to Bars and Events, not house parties that are thrown because most of the attendants are under 21. The problem is that many of my friends still enjoy this environment where I just feel like the creepy old guy. I figured out that I am not really bothered by this, I am fine not going to these events. What is conflicting is that I also feel that I am missing out when I don't go to the events... that I missed out on the college experience, even though I am still in college! It seems like a lose-lose situation... My resolution is to try and meet some people who are closer to my age to hang out with, or just get over it. I only have 1 year to go...

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