No Tickets For You!

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Ticket Office Sign
The Cal Athletic Ticket Office sucks! Last year, I purchased student section tickets before I knew I wasn't going to be a student. I was worried about my tickets when I went to the first game so I asked an employee if they would still work. He said if the card swiped (the tickets are stored on my ID card) that I would be good for the season. It worked for that game and the next game. Last week, however, I received an email letting me know that I would no longer be allowed to attend games unless I could verify student status. I asked for a refund or an upgrade, with me paying the difference, but the Athletic Office, hereby known as SATAN, would not help me out. The end result: SATAN pocketed my payment and revoked my ticket at no benifit to them! I contacted a few student advocate groups, but they all said that there is nothing I can do unless I have written proof that they told me I could get in. Luckily, I have a friend that dates a member of the Football team and she might be able to help me out...

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