Maña, Hillary Clinton, Towed

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This past weekend was amazing! Saturday night, after a great Cal footbal game vs. Oregon, Di and I went to the Oakland Arena to see one of our favorite bands, Maña. If you haven't heard of them I wouldn't be surprised, they are a Mexican Rock Band. But they are big time, in both Mexico and the US, probably equivalent to a Mexican Aerosmith. The show was great, in both aesthetics and acoustics.
I was able to get tickets to see Hillary Clinton speak in person in Downtown Oakland on Sunday. She was speaking outdoors, in front of the federal building, to a crowd of over 14,000 people. I happened to get 10 feet from the stage (and some good photos as well)! She talked about her health care plan, Iraq, the US image abroad... nothing new, but it was great to see her and hear her platform in person. Although I had promised to keep an open mind, I lost much respect for Obama when I learned that he was holding a campaign-office grand opening street party across the street from Hillary's, at the same time... an obvious ploy to steal her supporters. Low-ball. I will still read his book and check out his platform though...
I was in a pretty good mood all week, working hard and almost getting my new server up and running. I was happy until I came home from work today to find that my car had been towed. I guess the 3 inches I was sticking out into this one @#$!*& driveway was enough for him to call the cops and get me towed. $200 later (and an unspecified traffic violation ticket price) I have learned my lesson... Berkeley police have way too much time on thier hands.

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