New Job, New Apartment, Mike-o

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I have settled in nicely at Sun Honeycomb. The office is right downtown San Francisco, South of Market on 1st and Howard. I have spent the past 3 weeks working on scripts to automate some of the testing that is done to the Honeycomb system. So far it is challenging, but very different from the coding I have done in school. The biggest difference is that in school, the projects have been given before, they have an expected difficulty level and an expected timeline. In industry, when working on a system that is still under development, you don't know how long things will take, or if they are even possible. So far, I have been working with stuff pretty basic, but still a challenge to me as I learn how the Honeycomb system works as a whole. I really look forward to the next few weeks as I continue to absorb info/experience like a sponge
I have also settled into my new apartment and have just about every thing setup and put away. I really enjoy the privacy that I haven't had since... ever. This is my first place on my own (i.e. no girlfriend, roomate, mother, etc...). Just me and the street noise. There are 3 things that really sold me on this apartment:
  1. The hardwood floors
  2. The ceiling fans
  3. The proximity to everything!
Hardwood floors really help the place look classy, the ceiling fans really help to keep it cold and get airflow in here, and the proximity to campus gives a big-city sound and feel that I love. I had Di, Jen and Jose over last night for a Wii party and a movie, but I should be having an official house-warming soon.
My buddy Mike is moving away to UC Riverside to go to school in the Fall, but before that he is headed out to North Carolina to visit some family and get some time alone to work on a movie script. It hasn't really hit me yet but I am sad he is leaving and will miss him. Good news is that another good buddy, Tom, is returning to berkeley soon so we will hang out again like days of yore.

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