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Important Self-Diagnosis

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This evening I have had a small cough… maybe I’m getting sick. Aurelie was around and after I coughed, she said “Bless you”. It got me thinking… I have had this happen several times over my life and until now, I thought people were just being nice. It turns out otherwise… I asked Aurelie why she said “Bless you”, she replied “because you sneezed”. I AM A HIGH PITCH COUGHER! When I have a solo cough, the particular position of my mouth along with the force at which I force air out of my lungs combine to sound like a sneeze. Are there any more out there or am I just a freak? I should start a club or something.


My name is Matt Coneybeare, I design and develop for the web, iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), and MacOS out of New York City. In 2008 I started a software company called Urban Apps that has made some pretty popular apps such as Ambiance and Hourly News. In 2019, I joined the team at Ticket Evolution as a Senior Software Engineer. My current Stack Overflow reputation is about 27k.

I was a Rockstar a decade ago, but then went back to school and collected a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley and a MBA from Quantic. Now I am settled down with my beautiful wife Di and our dog Hamachi. When not at my desk, I love exploring New York City as a Yelp Elite, or training for marathons.

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