Midterms, Q-Learning, “Gangsta”

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This week has been pretty busy for me... I did pretty well on my CS61C Midterm, scoring well above mean. I scored just above mean on my CS188 Midterm but aced my EE100 Midterm. I have been getting full credit on almost all of the projects in both CS Classes. It seems all this super-studying has paid off.

My latest CS188 project involved programming an agent to Q-Learn. For anybody outside of the AI community, I basically wrote a program that allows an agent (imagine a robot) to learn from its mistakes and rewards (teach itself). Download the code and demo here.

I have seen some pretty funny things lately and thought I'd share... No offense to any Psych majors out there, but what message is the University trying to send when it doesn't pave a path to one of the doors on one of the main campus buildings (labeled Psychology)? What is Hair Mayonaise? A local shoe shop on Shattuck has a very interesting sign posted? While Berkeley is internationally known for its #1 ranked public University, the local high school is full of kids like this -------------->. Haha... That explains it... If you put 2 or more of these guys together, their "gangsta"ness increases exponentially. And for no apparent reason, I am showing off my bedroom (maybe its because I just cleaned it and want a public record...) and a shot of the woods on campus.

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