Marina del Rey, Cal’s Loss, Dead Server, Return to Cal

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Last week, the Berkeley Free Clinic send thier Financial Coordinator (Di) to a conference in Marina del Rey to discuss state-wide changes in the billing practices of HIV counseling. The conference was from Tuesday till Thursday and Di and I decided it would be fun for me to drive us both down there as a mini vacation. It was pretty fun, although her days were tied up in the conference and mine working from the hotel room. We spent the evenings on/near the beach, enjoyed good food and had a good break from Berkeley and the Bay-Area. I forgot that there exist places where it is actually possible to find a parking spot next to the place you are going! More pics here
Friday felt like a Monday to me and went by pretty quick. I was really excited because I purchased a ticket for Saturday's football game with Oregon State for face value. When the game started with a 45 yard run by Justin Forsett on the first play, I thought it was going to be a blowout... i only wish that sucess would have lasted. In a gut-wrenching game, Cal could not get it together to stop OSU. We only lost by three points, but there were several small mistakes in the game which could have easlily given us the win. We missed a field goal early, failed to punch it in on the 1 inch line, had 2 more turnovers than OSU, and failed to throw the ball away to stop th clock in the final seconds. I was depressed for most of the weekend following the loss, locking myself in my apartment and canceling plans with buddies. I seem to be out of my funk now and look forward to an undefeated season from this point forward.
I just got my server up and running (finally) and was tinkering with it yesterday. After a clean system shutdown, the server would not startup... after hours of diagnosing, I have determined that the mother board is fried. Luckilly I have a spare one and can throw that in tonight. I hope it will work again because I am tired of messing with this computer.
I filed all the necessary paperwork for my re-enry into Berkeley today... after seeing Financial Aid Counselors, Major Counselors, Admission Counselors and Graduation Counselors. It seems that graduating in 1 more semester is plausible, as long as I can find an upper division International studies course worth 4 units that won't kill me. My next semester will have 3 upper-div Computer Science classes, 1 upper-div International studies class, and a 2 unit decal, totaling 18 units. This is my most intense semsester I have ever taken, but is worth it if I can graduate 7 months ahead of schedule. I am looking forward to the challenge.

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