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Pearl Jam - Evenflow [etv]

When I was 10 years old, the music I listened to most was Jewish folk songs and Supertramp (via my Mom). The very first band to attract my attention and pull me into the real world of music was Pearl Jam. Their second single, "Jeremy", was all over MTV and was impossible to avoid on the radio. I was a fan, and even better, I was hooked by one of the World's best bands ever. At some point I went out and bought "Ten" and it hasn't gone more than a few months since without a listen. In my humble opinion, that album is the best of my generation. I love all the Tool albums and there are others that rank far up (Core, Californication, Aenima, the Bends) but "Ten" is the only album I can listen to and NEVER get tired of. EVERY song is good. On the other albums, maybe one or two drop off and only rank a 9 instead of a 10, but accuratly named, "Ten" is perfect.

So when I heard Pearl Jam was coming to San Francisco, I had to snatch up a few tickets to finally see the band live (after 15 years). It waas mindblowing! They played 3 sets, both old and new, hits and b-sides. They played 5 songs off of "Ten", a few hits off of "VS.", and plenty of random songs throughout the rest of thier career. I kinda lost touch with Pearl Jam in the past 5 years so there were some songs I didn't recognize, but they were all great. Not only were Pearl Jam amazing, Sonic Youth opened up and were pretty good. They aren't really my thing, but the performance was still noteworthy.

Mike and I were talking after the show and we bpth thought the same thing about Eddie Vedder: He is larger than life. Even with Maynard or Thom Yorke, I have never been drawn to a musician like Vedder. Mike says he never idealizes Rock Stars but Vedder is the one he would be if he could. Anyway, the show was great and if Pearl Jam comes around your way, I highly recommend seeing them live.

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