4th, Orbitals, Fighters of Foo

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I guess I forgot to talk about the 4th of July in my last post... I had a blast (no pun intended). My house during the summer has a pretty big social budget, collecting money form each resident. While most of this money goes to liquid-based social items, some was spent on firecrackers. We had a huge (I mean, really really big) box of firecrackers to use from the safety of our roof in CZ. Because the city of Berkeley has a lame city-firecracker show (they are probably made from compost) we decided to upstage them with fairly large mortar based firecrackers of our own. Di and I quickly became addicted to blowing things up and I'd say between us, we lit about 200 assorted kinds of firecrackers. Like I said, it was a blast.

Walking around on University ave the other day after sushi, we all went to some thrift stire and found this hillarious stuffed animal with boobs! I had to get a picture. Outside of the shop, on a wall nextdoor, was a full-size poster/advertisement of Borat (I intend to steal it once I get a ski-mask). Once again, I had to get a picture.

This weekend was one of the Calso sessions for new students so Jordana was up from Palm Springs. I had a great time showing her around town and hanging out. She definitely gets my Berkeley-worthy stamp of approval (which means she is a nerd or she is crazy, you take your pick) that all my friends and myself have received in the past. She went with me to get my 4th Orbital and witnessed an amateur piercer mess up my ear royally! It took him 3 tries to get the ring through the second hole and I have never experienced more pain. Jordana probably felt the same way about her hand I was squeezing to death. When all was said and done, the Orbital wasn't even lined up correctly. I found out when the piercer that I really like was working and went back a few days later to remove the ring from the bottom hole. Now I have to wait until the top heals, then repierce the bottom hole with the right angle. Frusterating!

Last night, Di and I went to the Foo Fighter Acoustic concert and it was great. Dave Grohl is hillarious and a great showman. He told several stories and jokes about the band, Nirvana, and his private Life. They played for about 2 hours and played an assortment of old hits, new songs, and weird stuff. It was thoroughly entertaining. Afterwards we went to "the Original" and split a fried banana and an oreo milkshake. A perfect end to a good evening.

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