Poker Blues

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I was planning on going to bed early last night and go to Tahoe to snowboard today. That didn't happen. I was enticed into a late-night game of poker here at CZ. The game started off with a bang! In my first hand I got :Ks:Kc and a King came up on the flop. I doubled my money.
Not much action for awhile until I left the table to get some food and had Mike take my place for 1 hand. He got :Qs:Tc and then the monster flop hit... :Ad:Qh:Qd. Mike bet 1 dollar (this is the point when I came back to the table and not knowing what Mike had, started freaking out!) I went to look at the cards, but held back, trusting that Mike knew what he was doing. There were 2 callers. Next Card: :Js. I couldn't believe when Mike bet 2 dollars on this one (I still didn't know what he had, but it was a smart move. He was trying to push out anybody looking for a straight.) The same two called again. Now I am worried becasue there are some pretty good cards out on the table and for all I knew, Mike was bluffing. On the river: :Kh. There was a bet of 3 dollars... a fold... Mikes turn. At this point I demanded to see the cards, so afraid that Mike was going to lose all my money to a straight. Then I caught a glimpse of his 10 and knew we had it. Mike only called the 3 Dollars, but the hand was still monster. I think the other guy had :5h:5d and was trying to Bluff. I nearly doubled up again in that hand.
Like a true addict, I didn't know when to leave. I played until the end of the game winning a few, losing a few, keeping my chip stack relatively constant. Then there were the last 2 hands. I played by the book on both and lost hard. All of my money. The first was :Ah:Ad. Raised pre-flop. Check-bet hard until losing on the river to a low straight. The guy was calling with a pair of queen and a five and caught a Q, 6, 8, 9, and 7 on the table. I lost about 10 bucks trying to get this guy to fold. Next hand: :As:Ks. Had to raise 2 dollars pre-flop. I wasn't going to let this one get away. One guy called. Flop gave me nothing a Jack, 2 other low cards, I can't remember. I bet 2 bucks and was called. Next card, another low card. I bet strong again, 4 bucks, was called. I was now trapped. I knew the guy didn't have much but then again, neither did I. Next card didn't help either of us. I went all in, one final attempt. I was called and beaten by a pair of Jacks. I think the only reason this guy was calling is because he was so drunk and didn't realize what was at stake. Regardless, I had fun but blew about 20 bucks in the last 2 hands. Maybe, I'll go get a poker book or something....

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