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Snowboarding @ Alpine Meadows

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My alarm went off this morning at 4:45 am and since it is spring break, this could only mean one thing… Snowboarding. So I jumped out of bed and got ready for what would turn out to be an amazing day. I got some great pics of Berkeley and the bay area from the car on the way to Tahoe. Vince, Kim and I decided to go to Alpine Meadows. The place was empty and conditions were not too bad. In the morning, the three of us hit crazy blues with no problem, carving down the hill into the groomed snow like a knife in butter. Vince and I realized today that we are no longer noobs. The afternoon snow wasn’t the best because the sun came out for about 2 hours, made everything slushy, then the storm came, making it all icy. We still had good runs though. Overall we did about 25 runs on the blue runs, both on the front and backside of the mountain. Today was my first time experimenting in the terrain park too. There was this one rail I kept hitting perfectly all day so I decided to have Vince take a picture of me looking like a pro. Of course, the only time I bailed on the rail was when Vince took the picture so I put it up because I think it’s pretty funny to see me bounce! It is a snowboarding tradition, at least for us, to go to In-n-Out on the way back from Tahoe. This always presents me witha problem… being vegetarian and all. I can get something though: Grilled Cheese, Animal Style, Whole Grilled, Extra Toast, Well Fries and a Chocolate Shake… Almost as good as the meat version.


My name is Matt Coneybeare, I design and develop for the web, iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), and MacOS out of New York City. In 2008 I started a software company called Urban Apps that has made some pretty popular apps such as Ambiance and Hourly News. In 2019, I joined the team at Ticket Evolution as a Senior Software Engineer. My current Stack Overflow reputation is about 27k.

I was a Rockstar a decade ago, but then went back to school and collected a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley and a MBA from Quantic. Now I am settled down with my beautiful wife Di and our dog Hamachi. When not at my desk, I love exploring New York City as a Yelp Elite, or training for marathons.

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