Proper Alignment of UIImage and UILabel when using UITableViewCellStyleSubtitle

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I am working on an iPhone App Project for a client and I decided to use the UITableViewCellStyleSubtitle for one of my views. It was easy to setup and it had all the details I needed. The only customization I did was change the detailTextLabel.numberOfLines to 2. So I loaded up my content and to my dismay, the cell is not intelligent enough to line up the labels horizontally across all cells. This really, really bothers me.

Before I set out to create my own class and draw my own labels and images, I thought I would just subclass UITableViewCell and try overriding the layouts for what I needed.

Turns out that was all I needed. After using this subclass instead of a UITableViewCell, I now get my image filling the square (if possible) and the Text Labels all lined up vertically.

This code makes 2 assumptions:

1) You want a square imageView that has a width equal to the height of the cell - 1 (for the separator)
2) You want the image to be aspect fit


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