Snowboarding at Alpine Meadows

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Yestrday, Vince and I went snowboarding at Alpine Meadows Last year, on one of the snowboarding trips, we were in a traffic jam to get into the parking lot for about 2 hours... It was about noon by the time we got on the slopes. This year, to prevent this, Vince wanted to leave early. REAL EARLY. I got up at 3:45 and we left about 4:30ish. We made great time and got there about 1.5 hrs early. I could have been sleeping! Anyway it was a great day, the first of my second season, and although it took a few runs to get back up to where I was last year, I felt really comfortable on the board the whole time. I still fell a few times, but mostly because of random ice patches spread throughout the hills. Vince brought his SLR and took some cool shots with the wide angle lens. See more pics here.

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