Di’s Back!

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Vince T-Rex Laying down Hippies Di and Me

This last week I spent some time with Vince and Mike. Vince and I got sushi, watched the Cal game, and hung out on New Years Eve. Mike hung out too and brought his friend Christine. I don't know if they would want me publishing this, but i think we had the most low-key New Years ever. Vince brought over his Wii (video game console) and the 4 of us played it for most of the night. New years eve rolled around and we were just sitting on the couch watching the tube. We had beer, but none of us got really drunk. I enjoyed it actually... I haven't stayed in on New Years since my Mom and I would watch the ball drop about 10 years ago.

Yesterday, I took BART out to the SF airport where I anxiously awaited Di's arrival. She got in and it was great! We had a (short but) good evening together, went out to eat and spent some quality time. It is good to have her back in town. I imagine she will be occupying much of my time until school starts up in two weeks.

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