Treasure Island, Movies and the MacWorld Expo

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Bay Bridge Sunset over San Francisco Di and Me Posse Macworld Me and Brandon from Incubus Virgilio and Mike

I have been spending much time with Di lately. On Thursday, we went and saw "Pursuit of Happyness", a great new film starring Will Smith. On Sunday, Di and I went out to Treasure Island and had a nice picnic. We sat and talked and had a great time watching the sunset over the city. On Monday, Di and I went to see "A Night at the Museum" with Ben Stiller and we both thought it was hillarious.

Yesterday, Di, Mike, Vince, Vince's cousin, and I went out to the MacWorld Expo in SF and met up with Vigilio there. IT WAS AMAZING. Apple announced the widely anticpated, revolutionary iPhone (a must have) as well as the Apple TV. I will be the first in line to get the iPhone when it comes out in June. While we were there, we went to check out Kevin Smith, writer/producer/director/actor of the view askew movies such as "Mallrats" and "Dogma". He was really funny... it ended up more like a stand-up comedy show than a audience ask and answer session. Mike decided he wanted to go up and ask a question and said some pretty funny awkward things. Kevin was making jokes about his weight and penis earlier in the show so Mike goes up there and says: "I just wanted to tell you that you look very sexy today" (mild audience laughter)... "I think you have a very nice penis." (crickets)... (5 seconds of near silence).... "I guess I'll leave the penis jokes to you." I couldn't believe it! Mike wasn't embarrased but man I would have been! Kevin played it off well and then Mike asked his real question about sundance and stuff but It was pretty funny/awkward. Afterwards we all roamed around, got free stuff, signed up for every free giveaway/raffle we could find and then came back to Berkeley, made dinner and watched "Seven". A great day.

EDIT: I forgot to metion that I met Brandon from Incubus at MacWorld. He is in town for a couple of shows... one of which Di and I are going to tonight!

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